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How to differentiate delivery methods for customers?

Differentiating delivery methods based on weight, purchase amount, and customer location

Using delivery method parameters, you can specify that a particular delivery method is available for orders depending on the order weight, total amount, and customer's country or region.

  1. On the Mozello side, go to Store > Store Settings > Delivery.
  2. Click on any delivery method.
  3. If necessary, specify the weight and purchase amount range.
  4. Select the countries where the specific delivery method will be offered.
  5. Save the changes.

Important notes:

  • The specified weight and purchase amount ranges include the boundary values. For example, specifying 0 - 5 kg and 5 - 10 kg will make both delivery methods available for an order weighing exactly 5 kg, whereas specifying 0 - 4.99 kg and 5 - 9.99 kg will make only the second delivery method available for the order.
  • If a product does not have a specified weight, it is assumed to weigh 0.
  • If no delivery method matches the order criteria, the customer will not be able to select a delivery method, and the order will be processed without delivery. Therefore, it is very important to ensure that at least one delivery method is available for all possible cases.

Differentiating delivery methods based on other criteria

Available delivery methods can be differentiated based on any freely chosen criteria by creating separate delivery method groups that include only those delivery methods that are possible for specific products.

  1. On the Mozello side, go to Store > Store settings > Delivery.
  2. Under Delivery Method Groups, click Add Group.
  3. Enter a meaningful name for the delivery method group, such as Bulky items or Courier only.
  4. To assign a specific delivery method to a group, click on the delivery method, under Delivery Method Groups, check the desired group name, and save the changes.
  5. In the Catalog Manager section, select the specific product for which you want to restrict delivery methods.
  6. In the product parameters under Advanced settings > Delivery method group, choose the appropriate delivery method group and save the changes.

Important notes:

  • A single delivery method can be assigned to multiple groups. For example, the delivery method Courier can be assigned to both Bulky items and Fragile groups, but a specific product can only be assigned to one group. Therefore, if a product has very specific delivery conditions, such as being both fragile and bulky, a separate group Bulky and Fragile should be created, which should then be associated with all applicable delivery methods.
  • Currently, it is not possible to assign a delivery group to an entire product category. This must be done for each product individually.
  • Group names do not appear anywhere to customers.

Video: How to differentiate delivery methods.

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