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How can I enable HTTPS (SSL) for my website?

HTTPS (SSL) connection can be enabled for a Mozello website using a free service offered by our partner Cloudflare. Thanks to integration with Cloudflare, Mozello customers can enable HTTPS connection free of charge and without any manual configuration or purchase of an SSL certificate.

To enable Cloudflare HTTPS service:

  1. Log into your website account.
  2. Click Settings > General settings > Security > Enable Cloudflare and HTTPS.

If you are using a domain name that was registered with other provider, then you will have to take one extra step and configure your domain name by changing its NS records at your domain name provider according to on-screen instructions.


  • Websites that are running under Mozello subdomain (e.g. mywebsite.mozello.com) support HTTPS connection by default.
  • If you are using multiple domain names for the same website, then you may have to contact us to enable this feature.

If you have further questions about HTTPS, please contact us.

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