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How do I make my page search engine friendly?

Here are some basic SEO steps that will make your page search engine friendly and increase your chances of ranking high on search results.

Use TITLE and META description tags

To access these:

  1. Click Pages and then click on the page you want to optimize.
  2. Click Advanced settings to access SEO settings.

Create descriptive title for TITLE tag

TITLE tag is used by search engines, web browsers, social networks and other systems to show the web page title.

  • TITLE tag should briefly and clearly describe the page
  • Every page of your website should have its own unique title
  • It is recommended that TITLE tag text does not exceed 70 characters in length

Make use of the META description tag

A page's META description tag gives search engines a summary of what the page is about. Search engines might use META description as snippets for your pages.

  • META description should accurately summarize the page's content
  • Use unique descriptions for each page
  • Ideally META description should be one to two sentences long
  • It is recommended that META description contains your most important keywords

Optimize your content

Generally websites with better content are more appealing to search engines.

  • Make sure your website offers quality content
  • Write easy-to-read text
  • Structure your text by means of paragraphs and headings
  • Make sure the text contains your keywords, but do not artificially stuff it with keywords as it is the best way to get banned from search engines

Learn more

To learn more about optimizing your pages, read the Google Search Engine Optimization Guide.

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