6 reasons why your business needs a website

Bruno Veberis
6 reasons why your business needs a website

Nowadays creating your beautiful, mobile ready and professional website for your business is easier, more available and affordable than ever. Mainly because of platforms like Mozello and other website builders that let anyone can create their own website with ease.

Yet still business owners find their way and excuse not to create one. You'll hear stuff like "It takes too much time and effort to update" or "there are higher priorities on our to do-lists" or "it doesn't pay off".

That is why I decided to create this post to show you 6 reasons why that is a losing strategy in today’s digital environment.

Let’s just get this out of the way:

Every new, growing or established business that takes itself seriously DOES need a website.

And this is why...

1. Credibility and availability 24/7

Technology has evolved and internet has become available to almost everywhere. For the most part of the day our devices and vast amount of information are within our reach and that has led to a change in our buying habits.

People have become way more careful and selective. They turn on their inner detectives and search the internet (Google, websites, social networks, reviews, comments) to know that they get the best deal, product and information available before they make their final decision.

Same applies to your business. If you don’t have your website - they can’t find you, you’ll lose credibility and unnecessary questions might arise for the potential customer.

Also remember that your website will be available 24/7/365. It means people will be able to find you and get all the information they need exactly when they need it.

2. Website serves as great channel to spread your news or provide information

It gives you your own personal place and voice on the world wide web where you can spread your message and inform your customers. It can be news about your product/service, contact information, working hours, special deals or any other interesting and relevant content.

In addition, your blog posts and well-structured information on your website will boost your SEO, which will make it easier for your customers to find you on Google and other search platforms.

3. Opportunity to sell your products online

More and more people choose to stay at home and do their shopping online than actually going to the store. Most times it makes it easier, faster and even more affordable.

Having a website not only gives you chance to beautifully showcase your products or services but also sell them online.

Example: I’m looking for a new phone case and you happen to be selling awesome and stunning phone cases. However, you don’t have a website and I can’t find you. Result is I’ll most likely stumble upon your competitor and buy from them. Which means you lost a potential customer.

Don’t sell products? No worries! Include a reservation/appointment form in your website and make it easy and quick for people to do business with you. They will appreciate it.

Here is a quote I heard in a seminar recently:

Let me give you my money as easy as possible!

4. Website saves time for you and your customers

Let’s put it this way.. anything your potential customers won’t find about you while searching, they will ask you in person. That will be a drag on your time. So instead of answering questions, you could build a website to do it for you. And in the meantime you have an opportunity to work on improving and growing your business.

Information you put on your website will and should answer all the main questions customers may have before they buy from you. If it doesn’t... you might just lose out on a customer because it was too much hustle for them to find the answer what they were looking for.

5. Website will help people to find you

Let’s say a person is looking for a nice local place to eat, a barbershop and an auto mechanic. They’ll probably go on Google to search for it.

If you haven’t created your website with all the necessary information (place on the map, working time, contact information, description) that person might never find you and will choose your competitor instead.

6. It Can help convert the interested into customers

Imagine you used all your budget to create and publish great, beautiful and engaging advertisement, but website was so low on your priority list you even didn’t care.

However, now you don’t have a quality website for the interested ones to go to if they want to learn more about you or get the deal done and do business with you.

A well-built website will help your advertisement turn the interested people into paying customers and seal the deal.

There is a saying “If you’re not on the internet, you’re not at all”. I believe same applies for not having a website these days.

That is why I suggest everyone to take time and resources to develop a great and mobile ready website. No more excuses... It will only do you good.