Does your website give answers to these 5 questions?

Bruno Veberis
Does your website give answers to these 5 questions?

Having a website is easy but actually making it work is what counts. The first page or home page is clearly the most important asset of your website. It’s because that is the first thing your site visitors will see. First impression is what counts here. First page has to be beautiful and also functional in a way that provides clear answers to it’s visitors.

To help you make sure your first page does just that and has the potential to be effective, we created this post. Here are 5 important questions your first page has to give answers to.

1. Who you are?

When someone lands on your website they will want to know who you are and what are they dealing with.

Solution: Make sure you include your logo on top of your site. Your business name will also do it, however having a logo makes you look more professional and will help you build your identity and branding in the long term.

2. What you do?

Your website visitor most likely came to your site with a goal in mind. Your first page has to answer if they came to the right place to get what they were looking for. Making sure that they easily find what exactly is that you do or how you can help them is key.

Solution: Include a clear title or heading on your first page that answers just that so they don’t have to spend time to find it. It’s better if you can give that answer in one clear sentence. You can add a text in smaller font size that explains it more deeply.

3. What can I find here?

This doesn’t just help your visitor but also you. Finding and giving answer to this question will help you know if you have all the important information that needs to be shown.

Solution: Create a great menu that includes clear signs to what people can find on your website. Also make sure that your site content is well structured, easy to understand and laid out beautifully. This will help your visitors understand where to find what they are looking for. Don’t make your site as a daunting puzzle. The easier the better.

4. What sets you apart from others?

There are millions of websites, businesses, brands etc. What makes you different and better? This is where your identity and brand image comes in to fill this spot.

Solution: Develop a strong identity and brand image. What and how you communicate, your colour palette, fonts and overall style. Implement it across all channels and pages in your website. Make sure all of your presented visuals are high quality and match your brand message.

5. What’s next?

It’s always important to lead your visitors with your site and content. It’s just more effective and easier that way.

Solution: Include strong CTA’s (call-to-action) across your website. Whether it’s a text, button or image + text make sure they stand out and give direction (Browse Shop, Contact Us Today, Apply Now etc.). It sounds easy but still there are websites that leave visitors wondering on what to do next.

Making sure that first page of your website can answer all of these questions will take you a long way towards your website goals.

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