3 reasons why content creator Elizabete loves Mozello

3 reasons why content creator Elizabete loves Mozello

“A website is the core of the project. It gathers the information that matters and makes it accessible to everyone else,” says Elizabete Vetra, a content creator and social media manager from Latvia.

A while ago, Elizabete decided that she needed to create websites for two of her amazing projects:

  • #Cesisinside – a tourism initiative for true nature and adventure lovers who are interested to discover Cesis (a small town in Latvia) and Latvia through the eyes of local tour guides
  • Franco Franco – a popular Latvian indie-pop band that creates energetic music since 2010

And so she found Mozello. After using it for about two years, Elizabete still has no regrets about her choice.

Here's what she loves about it:

1. A tool that fits your needs

When asked why she needed a website for her projects, Elizabete says: “I wanted to create a place where people could get all the information and details about upcoming events and activities for both #Cesisinside and Franco Franco, so they wouldn't feel like they've missed something.” In addition, she wanted to analyze the traffic of her websites to see the number of people interested in her projects.

So, she googled “website builder”, studied a lot of options, and decided to test Mozello.

Upon her first visit to the Mozello website, Elizabete saw that it has everything she needs to achieve her goals:

  • An easy-to-use website editor
  • Various website design options
  • The possibility to analyze web traffic
  • The ability to publish content both in Latvian and English

Even more – it offered extras that she was planning on having in the future (such as the blog section and online store). Also, she admits that her choice was partially influenced by the fact that this web builder was developed by fellow Latvians.

How much time did Elizabete spend on building her websites?

“I think it was about a day for each of them,” she says. “I know it sounds too good to be true but it was actually an easy process. And the end results were absolutely fabulous,” Elizabete adds.

2. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity

While visiting the #Cesisinside website, you can see a lot of stunning visuals. Elizabete thinks that it's important to use quality photos and videos when building a website because people like to use all of their senses while experiencing the website. Therefore, her advice is to use visually attractive pictures that catch your eye and tell a story.

The same goes for the texts that you put on the website. The golden rule is to remember that less is more. Elizabete herself writes the product descriptions and website copy for her projects. We asked what's her recipe for making sure that the texts are attention-worthy. “I try to be as authentic as possible and make it short and sweet because I believe that there is beauty in simplicity,” she tells.

“Nevertheless, it's great to have some tools that can help in the process of writing. For example, the Grammarly app is very useful when I have to write texts in English. But to be 100% sure, sometimes I send my texts for proofreading or ask advice from my friend who is a copywriter.”

However, when it comes to designing websites, one of the features that Elizabete loves about Mozello is the simple yet beautiful templates that can be easily filled with the necessary information and visuals. It doesn't matter if it's a video, pictures, or just some written information about the project. Just select what you want to see on your webpage, upload it, and voilà – it's there.

It is also important to find a website template that complements the visual and textual material you want to publish. Fortunately, Mozello offers various website design templates that can be changed to fit your taste and needs (you can find some of the examples here).

“Changing the appearance of your website in Mozello is super easy. There is really no need to be an advanced or experienced website builder to make a website that looks great and works flawlessly,” she adds.

In addition, we asked what she would suggest to complete beginners when building their first website. Here are Elizabete's top 5 tips:

  1. Decide why you need a website
  2. Create your website in a website builder that you like and trust
  3. Try to create your content as simple as possible. Stick to the saying “less is more”
  4. Put an effort and write a stunning “About” section
  5. Don't stop improving until you're completely satisfied with the result

Elizabete suggests spending extra attention to figuring out the story behind your business or idea because that's what people are actually interested in. “I love the quote from author and motivational speaker Simon Sinek: 'People don't buy what you do, they buy why you do it.'” So, don't be afraid to share your voice and passion for what you do.

3. The support team is always there for you

Even though Elizabete says that she hasn't had any problems with her website, she admits that she has contacted the Mozello support team. “The support team is great – I know I can count on them. They provided answers to my questions without hesitation,” she tells.

Elizabete adds that she has a pretty long to-do list on how she wants to upgrade her websites so that the visitor's virtual experience for both #CesisInside and Franco Franco would be even better. And she knows that making those improvements will be quite easy, knowing that the Mozello team will be by her side.


It's very convenient to have the possibility to build your own website without having a degree in IT or paying thousands of dollars to some company that'll build it for you. Elizabete is sure that Mozello is a tool that can deliver amazing results for everyone – it doesn't matter if you're opening your online store or just writing a blog about the food scene in your city.

“What I love most about Mozello is that it's not rocket science in the best way possible,” Elizabete concludes. While being simple to use, the possibilities Mozello offers are endless – you just have to use them.

Start your journey with Mozello here.