Recipe for creating your stunning website

Bruno Veberis
Recipe for creating your stunning website

Everyone wants a beautiful and effective website. However, to achieve that it needs to be made with care and right ingredients. This article will reveal the recipe that’ll help you create your website more tempting and irresistible.

One thing before you move on.
Make sure you know yourself, your business and have a clear image about what your website goal should be. What you want it to achieve for you and your site visitors. Also don’t forget to acknowledge the main reasons why your visitors will find your site useful, interesting and what they should be doing there.

After that, make sure you know your target audience. It’s because when you know who you are talking to it’s easier to tailor the way you talk to them.

Think of these processes as getting your workspace ready.
Now it’s time to look at 3 main ingredients that serve up an awesome website.

1. Your website content

​Quality of your website content is king. Make sure you have thought well about it. Decide on what kind of content you’re going to include in the page. This is possibly the main ingredient of the recipe for great website.

Make sure your content is useful, original and interesting for your target audience and visitors. It will help in keeping your visitor attention while they browse your website. Also great content will make people want to come back for more and great content will improve your site CEO.

P.s.. Including a blog on your site is a great idea.

Don’t forget to include strong CTA’s (Call-to-action) on your website. They are usually in a form of a button or a picture with text that lead to other page on your website. They will help you lead your site visitors to specific pages or take specific actions. Keep them short and straight to the point (Buy now, Browse Shop, Contact Us, Apply Today etc.).

2. Your website usability

Second big ingredient that you’ll need for your website to work is usability. Trust me, your site users will find it hard to like your site if you make it painful for them to browse it and find things. Don’t make them eat a tasty soup with a fork.

Keep your menu visible and most of all easy to use. One common mistake we see is people overload their website menu with too much sections. Don’t exaggerate with that. Most of the times extra sections are confusing and not really necessary.

Same applies for rest of your site content. Make sure you have your style laid out throughout the site. Keep it organised and well structured.

One more thing.. Nowadays it’s no brainer that you can't forget about mobile device usability. Make sure your website is fully responsive.

P.s.. when you build your site with Mozello it is mobile friendly right out of the gate. No stress.

3. Your website design

Alright let’s get down to my favourite part and the last ingredient of this recipe. It’s the design and it matters. BIG TIME! In this instance it can be viewed as putting the roast in the oven. All the other ingredients have been worked out and take this as the last step before serving your new tasty website.

Most likely you’ll be interested in having your site look beautiful and trendy. At this point everyone is jumping on the flat design train. It’s minimalistic, uses simple shapes and bright colours. Important thing is to stick to a colour palette. Going all "rainbow effect" on your website won’t help.

However, having a trendy design won’t save you. All the site content, elements and pages have to be coherent. The goal here is to keep the same feel throughout your site and don't make visitors feel like they are jumping between different websites.

Don’t neglect all the visual material. Great photos or videos can take your site to the moon. Use great quality photos and adjust their file size so you strip down the loading times. Waiting is no fun..

To sum it up.
Take care of your content, usability and design. Also don’t forget to add some of your own spice to the mix. Make it yours. All this will help you're website move mountains for you.

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