5 ways to boost your productivity when working from home

Bruno Veberis
5 ways to boost your productivity when working from home

Working from home is a great opportunity and it’s mainly thanks to the internet. It gives many benefits when having a full-time or part-time job and it's also a great starting point when you decide to turn your passion into business on a small budget.

However it all comes with many distractions that from home working warriors have to battle day in and day out. Most of them are small but they tend to stack up damage productivity. You run into that feeling of busyness and it tricks you into thinking you’re doing loads of things when actually nothing gets done.

That is why we suggest you dig into this post as it will give you 5 great tips on how to improve your productivity and experience when working from home.

1. Decide and stick to your working hours

It is way too easy to push work stuff aside when you’re home. Usually it goes by “I’ll do it later...” or “I’ll just do this for five minutes and then…”. However, this is where you’ll get into trouble. You put yourself out of rhythm and concentration. After while you can find yourself thinking why do I always try to catch up.

So the first suggestion is - Decide on your strict working hours and stick to them. That will help you keep the feeling you’re actually at work.

2. Find a place to get away

Working from home can get you down emotionally. It’s mainly because you’re in the same place most of the time. There is no feeling of coming home after a long working day.

Suggestion: Find yourself a place where you can work when you need a break or change. It can be a local coffee shop or library. Find what suits you best and try to do it once or twice a week. It will bring you back to life.

3. Planning your day is key

Planning you day will save you from getting lost. It is so easy to catch yourself doing some small non important stuff. There are tons of tools and apps for your time and day management, even the standard paper planner will save your day.

One magic way of working from home is to set up priority statuses for your daily tasks. It means no other stuff while the most important things are still on the list.

Planning will get you way more further and save you lots of your important time.

4. Get on the same page with people that live with you

No matter how bad it sounds but family or housemates tend to be the worst time vampires when it comes to your productive time.

Suggestion: Just speak to them and make them understand that you being at home doesn’t mean you’re always available for a small chat or a favor. This will take time and hard work but when applied it works wonders.

5. Pimp your workspace

Your workspace matters. Find a place and make it yours so it feels motivating and easy to work from there. That is your workspace and stick to it. Otherwise you can easily find yourself running around the house from living room to kitchen to bedroom and so on.

It’s your perfect opportunity to design your perfect space. The space that let’s you get stuff done. Tune your surroundings in your favour (music, lights etc.). It’s all in your hands.

I hope you found these tips useful. Best of luck and get it done.

P.s: A great way to start working from home is to create your website, online store and blog as it gives you many opportunities to make it happen.