5 methods that'll transform your doubts and fears of making a website into success

Bruno Veberis
5 methods that'll transform your doubts and fears of making a website into success

There are troubling amount of myths surrounding the process of making a website. These include claiming it’s too difficult, takes too long, requires special knowledge and can’t be done without professional help. In the end, you’re overcome by doubts, uncertainty and even fear that keeps you from achieving your goal.

That’s why we’ve come up with 5 ways to defeat these doubts and fears of making a website, so that the process would be faster, easier, more streamlined and yes - enjoyable.

1. Everyone is not your customer

Not knowing where to start is a common feeling. Start by understanding your target audience, knowing what it’s like and what will attract its attention. Build your site for your target audience, not everyone.

No one will like you if you try to please everyone.

The main task of your website, online store or blog is to swallow the attention of your potential client. Choose a design, color scheme, images and copy in a style suited to your target audience. For example a high end clothing store’s website shouldn’t have the same look and feel of a site targeted at parents who want to sign up their kids to a dance class.

Once you’ve defined your target audience, making your website will be easier since you’ll have a clear idea of its general style and angle.

2. Set goals and tasks

People often set those big goals but forget about the little ones that need to be done along the way. However, without setting the minor tasks and goals, the process can put you in a spin.

Try to set straightforward, measurable, achievable and relevant goals and tasks with a realistic deadline.

For example:
Have all items in the online store by Wednesday.
Increase the number of site visits by 20% within the next two months.

3. Think of the process as holiday, not a weekend and celebrate your achievements

People often complain about a lack of progress. They forget that the process is like a holiday rather than just a weekend! Results appear gradually, in line with the time and effort you’ve put in.

Think of your website as an ally rather than the key to success. To achieve the desired result, it requires regular work, monitoring and adapting. Don’t set huge expectations right out of the gate. Rather enjoy the ride and remember that nothing is instant. That way you’ll find it easier to move forward and won’t feel down if you feel that success is delayed.

Remember to celebrate the small achievements too! That will motivate you and make you more aware of your progress.

4. Plan ahead and don’t let yourself spend too much time on one task

Don’t try to create the ideal version in one go. Perfectionism can hold you back! If you can’t choose the best combination of fonts or the perfect layout, stick to the version that seems best and move on. You’ll be able to come back to it later and change it.

One tip for someone building a business and website is to apply the minimal viable product (MVP) method by which you create a version which is good enough to do what it needs to do. With time, you can adapt it. Trends will change and the same will happen to your website or online store.

Feel like you don’t and won’t have time for it? Don’t worry, making a website shouldn't be a sprint. Spend 20 minutes a day on it and you’ll get ahead.

5. Testing, testing, testing! Gather feedback and reviews

Don’t stop yourself from making it happen by worrying that no one’s going to like your site or product. I agree it can seem scary but user testing and feedback can reveal both - things that work and things that can be improved.

Remember, the best is yet to come! The best things happen when you leave your comfort zone to achieve something great.

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