Why Mozello is the best choice for SMBs looking to sell online

Why Mozello is the best choice for SMBs looking to sell online

One of the earliest and biggest challenges small and medium businesses (SMBs) face when launching/moving their store online is choosing where to set up shop.

There are so many e-commerce platforms, services, and solutions that it's difficult to confidently decide which is the best for your business, especially if you're a first-time entrepreneur. Should you sell on Etsy? Facebook? Post eBay listings? Launch a Shopify store? Pay a developer to build a custom website? Do it yourself with Mozello?

Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages and they can be separated into three categories.

Do it yourself platforms

(such as Mozello, Shopify, and Wix)

  • Don't require a developer
  • Offer standard customization options
  • Require minimal investment (€10-30 a month)
  • Can launch a store in a couple of evenings

Custom-made websites, created by professional agencies.

  • Are created by professionals
  • Can be customized according to your specific needs
  • Come with a hefty price tag (€3,000-10,000)
  • Take months to build and are costly to maintain

Global e-commerce marketplaces

(such as Amazon, Etsy, and eBay.)

  • Give you access to customers that frequent these sites
  • Offer little-to-no customization and you must adhere to their rules
  • Take commissions from every sale you make
  • Make it difficult to compete and get noticed

The best option by far for SMBs is to do it themselves with all-in-one platforms like Mozello because it's the fastest and cheapest way for a small or medium business to launch a high-quality website or online store.

Why DIY platforms are the perfect solution for SMBs

Speed and cost-efficiency are the two main advantages of DIY platforms. Anyone with zero technical knowledge can create an online store in a couple of evenings for the monthly price of just a couple of cups of coffee.

For example, Mozello offers everything you need right on the platform – you don't have to worry about servers, domains, maintenance, mobile versions, or any other technical elements. Simply sign up, start building your store, and click “Launch” when it's ready. Mozello also offers step-by-step guides that will help you bring your idea to life.

Moreover, the early stages of a business are extremely dynamic – a lot of things can change at a moment's notice. Being able to make changes to your store yourself and not have to wait and rely on external developers and agencies is super important, as responses can take weeks and are a common frustration entrepreneurs face.

Despite these benefits, some clients are hesitant to try their own hand at building a website because they believe they don't have the design skills needed to create a professional-looking online store. The reality is that all DIY platforms offer high-quality templates that can be tailored to your specific visual and practical needs by simply moving sections around, customizing colors, and adding the elements that you require.

Plus, going with an agency doesn't guarantee you'll like the result and changes would require additional funds. Whereas with a DIY platform, if you outgrow your current design, you can change it yourself quickly and easily.

Mozello – the simplest platform that grows with you

Mozello stands out among DIY platforms with its accessibility and ease of use, boasting one of the easiest ways to create a website – you can go from idea to a ready website in less than an hour.

Mozello takes care of the technical stuff in the background so you can focus on building your business. In addition to the aforementioned benefits of not having to worry about servers, domains, and other technical things, Mozello users also enjoy the superior speed, security, and stability that comes with choosing an established platform.

Your business comes first – that's why Mozello, unlike some other DIY platforms, has zero commission or transaction fees. Other platforms take a cut of your sales, which can really add up as your business grows and eat into your profit.

Speaking of business growth…

Mozello grows with you. Between offering multilingual website support and the most popular payment methods in the world, you can take your business across borders, at no extra cost to you. Getting your products to customers around the world is easy thanks to various delivery options, and more are being added all the time.

We are particularly proud of our translations of Europe's smaller languages, such as Latvian, Lithuanian, and Estonian – they are of higher quality than what's offered by the other popular DIY platforms.

Moreover, as your business adds more products, more countries, and more employees, the need for more advanced warehouse management, accounting, and other tools will inevitably arise. These can be integrated with your e-commerce store through Mozello's API, which enables you to connect everything you might need.

In other words, Mozello adapts to whatever you need it to be – from a small and straightforward website builder to an enterprise-grade business solution. All of this at the low and fixed cost of €7 or €15 per month.

Cases when it's better to go with an agency

There are several scenarios when hiring an agency to develop your e-commerce store is recommended or even necessary over choosing a DIY solution.

Firstly, if time and money are not an obstacle. An expertly-designed storefront can be worth the investment. Do keep in mind that not only will you need several thousand euros for the building of the website, but you also need to allocate a budget for maintenance.

It's a sensible decision if your business is already generating revenue. Otherwise, if you're considering investing in a custom website before even knowing if your business will work out, then you run the risk of losing that money.

Secondly, if you have more than 2-3 thousand products. Most DIY platforms will struggle to accommodate very large e-commerce stores, not so much in a technical sense, but rather in managing all the products. In such scenarios, it's best to develop a custom solution suitable for your specific type of business.

Thirdly, if you have an unorthodox product or business. Some businesses might find the standard options offered by DIY platforms to be insufficient. For example, if you need to create a catalog for your car tire shop, you'll need to include highly specific parameters, measurements, and configurations that standard e-commerce stores won't be able to offer.

For everything else – there's Mozello

At Mozello, we've spent more than a decade working with European and other SMBs, helping them flourish into thriving enterprises. Our simple yet powerful website builder has grown into what it is today based on the needs and feedback of small business owners. But throughout the years, simplicity and user-friendliness have remained the main reasons why people choose to create their projects with Mozello.

See for yourself – sign up today and try out our free version to discover the easiest way to build websites. And remember – our friendly support team will always be happy to give you a helping hand if you need it. Just drop us a line.